EASA Publishes Easy Access Rules For Flight Crew Licensing


With a 1735-page PDF document, EASA has published its complete set of “Easy Access Rules for Flight Crews” in accordance with regulation (EU) No 1178/2011. EASA eRules will be a comprehensive access system for the drafting, sharing and storing of rules. It will also act as the agency’s single source for all aviation safety rules applicable to any European airspace users.

The document offers online access to all rules and regulations as well as new and innovative applications such as rule-making process automation, stakeholder consultation, cross-referencing and comparison with ICAO and third country (Non-EU) standards. Where applicable, EASA will publish alternate means of compliance and explain the steps which went into specific rules.

Users are able to navigate the document annexes in order to find rules and regulations for obtaining the appropriate medical certificates, light aircraft pilot licenses (LAPL-A-H) and sailplane (SPL) as well as balloon, private pilot licenses, commercial and instrument ratings. It includes the recently announced Competency Based Instrument Rating all the way up to type ratings and ATPL (ATP) and also covers the scope of license conversions and validations.

Additional eRule releases can be found under “Authority Requirement For Aircrews” (Part ARA) (PDF) along with “Organization Requirements For Aircrew” (Part ORA – Flight Schools and Training) (PDF) and all medical requirements (PDF).