Embraer Joins eVTOL Trend


Embraer’s tech innovations division, EmbraerX, is working on its first electric VTOL aircraft, the company announced at this year’s Uber Elevate Summit. “Urban mobility is ripe for transformation and we are committed to having a major role in this key market,” said Embraer CEO Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva. With this concept design, the company joins the likes of Boeing, Airbus and quite a few others in actively exploring whether there is a future in urban aerial passenger transport vehicles.

According to Antonio Campello, CEO of EmbraerX, “This is one example of how Embraer X is committed to exploring a range of disruptive products and services that could revolutionize the business of air transportation.” Embraer says its eVTOL design was developed with “extensive interaction with potential urban air travelers about their desired experience” and it looks like they might still be open for input from future customers. Anyone interested can design their own eVTOL aircraft on the company’s website by answering a few questions and picking out preferred features.

Uber Elevate also saw eVTOL concept announcements from Pipistrel and Karem Aircraft. All three companies are working in partnership with Uber to develop air taxis for Uber’s UberAIR aerial ridesharing venture. Uber hopes to begin commercial aerial transport services in 2023.