Embraer Offers Jet Picture-Windows


The view from inside a general aviation airplane can be hard to beat, but now private-jet travelers will have access to the biggest-yet luxury window seat, thanks to a new offering from Embraer. A new option offers a huge window in the “Airship Kyoto” concept of the Lineage 1000, Embraer’s biggest business jet. The trick to getting the large window certified by the FAA was to put it forward of the wing, Embraer design VP Jay Beever told Wired. “There’s a lot of stress and load on the wing during flight that extends through the fuselage and all the way back to the tail,” he said. Embraer has used this method before, to place an observation window in a Brazilian Coast Guard version of the ERJ-145 regional jet in the 1990s.

The Lineage 1000 jet, based on Embraer’s 190 regional jet, comes with a five-zone cabin, 84 feet long, with seating for up to 19, a full galley and an optional master suite with shower. It’s the largest business jet in Embraer’s fleet.