Eviation Selects magniX Motor For Electric Alice


Image: Eviation

Eviation has announced that it has selected the magniX magni250 propulsion system to power its all-electric Alice aircraft. According to Eviation, the 375-horsepower magni250 will be one of two propulsion options on the nine-passenger composite commuter. The company says magniX motors have undergone more than 1,500 hours in test facilities and have been tested “for quite some time” with the Alice aircraft propeller.

“Electrifying middle-mile aviation with fixed wing aircraft flying between the plethora of existing airports is a logical first step toward better connecting communities,” said magniX CEO Roei Ganzarski. “Together with like-minded leading partners like Eviation, we will see all-electric planes powered by our propulsions systems go into commercial service by 2022, enabling flexible, clean air-travel and package-delivery options at a fraction of today’s prices.”

With a maximum takeoff weight of 6,350 kg (about 14,000 pounds), the Alice aircraft is designed for a range of up to 650 miles, cruise speed of about 240 knots and service ceiling of 30,000 feet. Eviation hopes to begin flight testing this year and plans to begin commercial customer deliveries in 2022. The company intends to debut the first “fully operational” Alice at the 2019 Paris Air Show, which will be held June 17-23 in Le Bourgt, France.