FAA Promotes Drone Safety Video


Drones are proliferating in our skies, and the holiday season is sure to bring thousands of new users outside to try their skills. To reach out to those beginners, the FAA has created a new video that explains the rules and regulations drone pilots are required to follow. The new video also explains how users can download the FAA’s free B4UFLY smartphone app, which provides the latest information about airspace restrictions that might affect drone flyers. The FAA has been working on many fronts to keep drones safe and separated from manned aircraft — an effort that seems to be working, so far, since verified reports of conflict have been rare.

Drones have proved popular with hobbyists and photographers, and sales already have doubled from last year, according to the recode website. DJI has retained leadership of the market, with about 70 percent of sales, according to recode, and its new Mavic model, which folds up to a portable size and offers lots of advanced features, has plenty of orders. GoPro, Parrot and Yuneec also have popular models, though GoPro’s new design, Karma, was recalled due to performance failures. Camera-capable drones are selling for about $100 up to $1,000. The FAA provides extensive resources and information for drone pilots at its UAS website.