Flexjet Hiring Pilots To Meet Expansion


Although the pilot job market has been going through some changes in recent years, experienced pilots remain in demand. Flexjet says it’s looking for a few good pilots to accommodate the continued growth of its fractional and jet card business. Since Flexjet is a subsidiary of Bombardier and only flies its most modern aircraft, the successful candidates will find themselves in some of the most sophisticated cockpits in the air.We are thrilled to be expanding our dedicated pilot team during this exciting growth period, and anticipate hiring in the double digits in 2013 and beyond, said Jason Weiss, the vice president of operations for Flexjet. As might be expected, Flexjet pilots go through some extra training to accommodate the unique environment in which they work.

First of all, Flexjet is looking for a minimum of 2,500 flight hours with 500 multi and 500 turbine. An ATP and First Class Medical are also required. Successful candidates will undergo another month of training before they see an airplane. The training includes ground school, sim time and courses “to make sure owners are not only safe and on time, but also receive a premium experience each and every time they fly. Interested pilots can apply here.