Flexjet Reports Major Business Boost


Flexjet, the aircraft management arm of Bombardier, says it’s hiring pilots to meet the demand of a huge increase in business. While airframe companies have continued to say demand for their products is flat, Flexjet says demand for its services is up 83 percent in the first quarter of 2013 over the same period in 2012. “With the economy picking up speed, owners who have been tentative since the downturn have started to gain more confidence and are taking more and more trips,” said Flexjet President Deanna White.

Sales of fractional shares went up 108 percent and jet card sales jumped 48 percent. At Easter, White said flying hours reached levels not seen since 2007. And while OEMs may be waiting for the same effect, White says the uptick in her business mirrors the general improvement in the world economy. “Having the Dow Jones Industrial Average reach a record-breaking 15,000 points is not only a significant financial milestone, but also very good for our industry,” she said. “People are ready to get back to business, and Flexjet takes them there.”