‘Flying Man’ UFO Baffles Officials


UFO reports by airliner crews are nothing new, but a British A320 crew raised eyebrows after saying they had a close encounter with a flying man who swooped past their aircraft without visible means of support on June 13. The UFO has been dubbed the “Superman of Macclesfield” and the UK Airprox Board, which investigates such things, admits we may never know his true identity. It also hasn’t identified the airline involved or the crew members. The UFO was spotted as the aircraft descended through 3,500 feet while on final for Manchester Airport. “They first sighted the object a few hundred metres in the 11 o’clock position 200 to 300 feet above,” the Macclesfield Expressquoted the board as saying in its report. “It passed down the left-hand side of the aircraft at 100 to 200 metres.”

According to the Express, the usual suspects in such incidents have all been eliminated, because of the weather. Weather Underground reportedwind gusts of up to 25 mph that day at Manchester. The Express checked with local paraglider and hang glider groups who said the weather wasn’t flyable at the time and in any case the airfoils involved would have been obvious to the crew. But the Express said the Airprox report quoted the pilots as saying they only saw the man. “Neither can remember seeing a canopy,” the paper quoted the report as saying.