ForeFlight Adds High-Performance Flight Planning


The newest version of ForeFlight’s electronic flight bag software will include advanced fuel and performance planning tools for an additional $100 per year ($200 per year over the basic subscription price). Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight co-founder and CEO, said, “The new performance product that we’re launching delivers high performance flight planning for high performance airplanes.” The app for Apple iOS devices will be pre-populated with detailed manufacturer-provided performance data for most fixed-wing aircraft from basic piston trainers to large business jets, allowing operators to calculate fuel burn and flight time for the full range of altitude and power settings, accounting for temperature, winds aloft, and payload without manually calculating average fuel burn figures.

Included in the performance package, ForeFlight’s new weight check tool builds on basic weight and balance functions by verifying compliance with all of an aircraft’s structural weight restrictions—maximum ramp, maximum takeoff, maximum zero fuel and maximum landing. The new fuel planning tools allow operators to calculate block fuel based on a preferred fuel policy, such as a fixed amount of fuel remaining at the destination, legal minimums at destination or maximum within structural weight limits at takeoff and landing.