G600 Cabin On Tour


Gulfstream is touring the U.S. this summer with a full-scale mockup of the cabin and flight deck for its new G600 business jet. The company unveiled its final plans for the new cabin last year at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas, but the mockup was introduced just a few weeks ago in Savannah, Georgia. The cabin is now on display at Teterboro Airport, in New Jersey, through Friday, and then heads west with stops in Chicago, Seattle, Denver and California, and ends in Texas, in late September. The G500 will share essentially the same cockpit, and the cabins are similar, though the G600 will be about four feet longer.

The company also is looking for feedback from customers during the tour. “We’re bringing the G600 cabin and flight deck to our customers and potential customers so we can introduce them to the technological advances of these all-new aircraft,” said Scott Neal, a vice president at Gulfstream. “Our customers will get a chance to explore the benefits of these aircraft and then share their thoughts with the Gulfstream design team.” The cabin seats up to 19 in four living areas. The G500 is now in flight testing and is expected to complete type certification next year and start deliveries in 2018. The G600 is expected to fly by the end of this year and start deliveries in 2019.