Hoverbike Completes Demo Flight


A team of Russian engineers working in San Francisco as Hoversurf have posted a video online showing an indoor flight test with their “hoverbike” design. The vehicle is powered by electric motors that drive four rotors, arrayed vertically at each corner. The pilot sits in a sort of saddle with his legs on either side, and his arms leaning on a control panel. The video shows the vehicle taking off vertically, flying forward and landing under control. The project, which began as a crowd-funded experiment, aims to provide an easy-to-fly vehicle using both manual and automated control, to provide “a thrilling flight experience,” according to the team’s website.

“The Scorpion platform is equipped with a safety system powered by state-of-the-art flight controllers, special logical programing and passive elements with computer-aided speed and altitude limiting,” the website says. In-house custom software aims to provide full manual and automated control.The team says while the hover bike has potential for “extreme sports,” their ultimate goal is to develop a drone taxi to provide urban air transport.