Hoverboard Demo For The Cameras


About six months ago we brought you a long-distance video of a “hoverboard” being flown over a remote Canadian lake and there were plenty of skeptics. Last week, inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru invited Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, along for a flight demo that should mute, if not silence, those skeptics. Duru appeared to be in careful but complete control of the multi-copter platform that is attracting some attention. Last year, Duru broke a Guinness record for the longest duration of a hoverboard flight. Last week he put on a show (crash sequence included) for the TV cameras and small crowd gathered on the shoreline of a lake to see the more refined prototype of the Omni hoverboard, still a work in progress but a step toward a marketable version of the device.

The commercial version of the aircraft is a closely guarded secret but evidence of the commercial interest in the design is obvious. Duru has leased space in an industrial building in Montreal, hired engineers and other employees and is reportedly dealing with investors. The company wants to start selling hoverboards in 2017. Have a look below.