Hoverboard Record Shattered


A French Jet Ski racer has claimed a new record for hoverboard endurance with a flight that covered 1.4 miles. Guinness World Records confirmed that Franky Zapata performed the flight in front of its evaluators in Sausset-les-Pins in the South of France. He officially went 2,252 meters to shatter the existing record of 275.9 meters set by Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru last year. Zapata’s creation also appears to be a technological leap ahead of Duru’s invention.

A video released last month by Zapata shows a relatively compact device called the Flyboard Air that he claims can fly for 10 minutes, goes more than 90 mph and can climb to 10,000 feet. Viewers were skeptical and many thought the video was a fake but Saturday’s flight confirmed it’s real. Zapata told reporters the hoverboard “has really been a life’s work” but it’s not clear where he’ll take it from here. Zapata previously invented the Flyboard, which connects to a personal watercraft turbine to propel the pilot into the air on a jet of water. There are no hoses on the new device, just an obviously powerful but unspecified “independent propulsion unit.”