Janitor Arrested For Pilot Gun Theft


An airport janitor was arrested Saturday after a pilot reported his gun had been stolen while he was in the washroom at Philadelphia Airport. The unidentified pilot had cleared security and made the restroom stop on the way to his flight when the theft occurred. The airport was searched and witnesses interviewed, and it was determined the only person who entered the bathroom while the pilot was in there was a janitor. The gun was found in a janitorial supply closet.

The janitor was the only one in the airport with a key to the closet and he was arrested at the airport. He faces charges of theft and receiving stolen property. The gun was in the pilot’s bag, which is authorized under the Federal Flight Deck Officer program that was enacted after 9/11. Pilots who go through the training are issued .40 caliber semi-automatic pistols and must follow strict rules in carrying them and storing them in the cockpit.