NBAA: FAA Registry Shutdown Has GA Stalled


photo: Cessna

In a letter sent to members of Congress and President Obama, NBAA said on Tuesday the ongoing federal shutdown has “grave repercussions” on the general aviation industry, forcing a “halt in the purchase, sale and production of all new general aviation airplane parts or aircraft.” NBAA says none of those things can occur without the written approval of the federal government, including the purchase and use of small GA aircraft for business transport. “Until the FAA Registry in Oklahoma City opens, an important American industry remains on an indefinite layover,” NBAA President Ed Bolen wrote.

The registry is closed during the funding stalemate, even thoughmore than10,000 aircraft registrations expire each month, and these registrations cannot be renewed while the registry is closed, says NBAA. As a result, the government shutdown is “severely jeopardizing countless jobs, and America’s economy and infrastructure,” Bolen said. “In addition, many entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes rely on the airplanes for business flights, as do communities, for critical services including medical transport, mail delivery and fire fighting.” The last time the government shut down, 17 years ago, the registry remained open, Bolen said.