New Experimental Aircraft Flight Training Policy Proposed


The FAA has proposed a regulatory change that would allow flight training in experimental light sport aircraft (E-LSA) to be conducted for compensation or hire under a letter of deviation authority (LODA). Aviation organizations including the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) and United States Ultralight Association (USUA) have been working toward this policy expansion for some time.

“The successful publication of this rule and the accompanying policy change will create new opportunities in ultralight and sport pilot training,” said EAA government relations director Tom Charpentier. “We see ultralights and light-sport aircraft as an increasingly important pathway into aviation, and we are working with the FAA in a variety of ways to remove unnecessary barriers to access. This is one small but important step in that overall process.”

According to USUA President Roy Beisswenger, this policy was one of the top four industry issues LAMA and USUA identified to the FAA in 2014. EAA says it is working with the FAA get the rule published as soon as practical. The notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) is open for public comment until Nov. 23.