New Policy: Drones In Military Airspace May Be Shot Down


Personnel at military bases can shoot down private or commercial drones that are deemed a threat, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said at a press briefing on Monday, according to The Military Times. The bases “retain the right of self-defense when it comes to UAVs or drones operating over [them],” Davis said. “The increase of commercial and private drones in the United States has raised our concerns with regards to the safety and security of our installations, aviation safety and the safety of people.” The FAA had announced in April that drones were banned from flying over military bases and testing sites.

“Protecting our force remains a top priority, and that’s why DOD issued this very specific — but classified — policy, developed with the FAA and our interagency partners, that details how DOD personnel may counter the unmanned aircraft threat,” Davis said. The “rules of engagement” include taking steps such as “tracking, disabling or destroying” the drones, depending on the assessment of the threat, he said.