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AVweb’s search of aviation news worldwide turned up a new iPhone app, a new locator beacon and acquisitions by Zodiac Aerospace and Machine Inc. Airport Courtesy Cars is a recently released application that lists airports with crew cars and courtesy transportation nationwide. Currently it lists almost 1100 locations, with new locations added daily. Listings are in a state-by-state format and on a Google map. Dukane Seacom Inc. announced it has received FAA certification under TSO-C121b and TSO-C142a for its 90-day underwater locator beacon. The DK120/90 is certified to operate for a minimum of 90 days of continuous operation in water, giving search crews an extended amount of time to locate and recover the flight data and voice recorders in the event of an incident. It has the identical external dimensions as the existing designs and is a drop-in replacement for the DK100 and DK120 series part numbers.

Enviro Systems of Seminole, Oklahoma, has been acquired by Zodiac Aerospace of Plaisir, France. Zodiac Aerospace is a leading supplier of engineered equipment and systems to the aerospace industry including aircraft interior, aircraft and AeroSafety systems. Enviro Systems is an AS9100 and ISO9001 registered designer and manufacturer of environmental control systems and related components for business, commercial and military aircraft. Enviro’s product line includes vapor cycle air conditioning systems, bleed air control valves, sensors, digital controllers, brushless fans, electric heaters and air conditioning components. Machine Incorporated, a modern, high-tech, and quality-minded AS9100 manufacturer, has acquired Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies, headquartered in Minnesota, and renamed it Oplite Technologies. Through this venture, Machine Inc. expands its product line to develop and produce light emitting diode (LED) lighting products that meet applicable requirements for use in aerospace and aircraft applications in certified and experimental markets.

The name of the app was incorrectly released as Aviation Courtesy Cars.