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AVweb’s search of aviation news worldwide found newly awarded scholarships from Able Flight, a Sun Flyer sale to Independence Aviation, Garmin’s new upgrade for G3X autopilots, and progress on Flight Design’s C4. Able Flight announced seven new scholarship recipients, including Randy Green of Missouri, who will train for his ATP certificate. Green was born without hands or feet and is already a Commercial pilot and CFI. Receiving scholarships to train at Purdue University are Scot Abrams of New York, Stephen Carrier of Louisiana, James Lowman of North Carolina, Bernard Dime of Arizona, Raymart Tinio of California and John Robinson of North Carolina.Independence Aviation has signed a deposit agreement with Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. for an early delivery position on a “Sun Flyer” solar-electric training system being developed by AEAC. The company unveiled the single-seat technology demonstrator for its next-generation solar-electric training aircraft and continues to perform initial R&D flight test operations while the first two-seat prototype Sun Flyer is being assembled.

Garmin announced the availability of Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP-X) technology for aircraft using Garmin’s G3X autopilot servos. This electronic monitoring and stability augmentation system works to assist the pilot in maintaining the aircraft in a stable flight condition. Available for the first time in this market, ESP-X functions independently of Garmin’s G3X autopilot system and works in the background to provide an extra envelope of protection to help avoid inadvertent flight attitudes and provide airspeed protection while the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft.Continental Motors’ certification of its new alternative fuel powerplant, the IO-360-AF, encouraged Flight Design to move its test article C4 from the fabrication plant to its German headquarters in Kamenz, where it will undergo final tests leading to first flight of the new design. Continental Motors’ IO-360-AF is the first in its class to be certified for alternative fuels, which will add flexibility for customers of Flight Design.