No GA User Fees In Federal Budget Plan


The budget proposed by the Obama administration this week omits an earlier plan to impose per-flight user fees on general aviation, the National Air Transportation Association said on Monday. However, NATA protested a provision that would change the way business aircraft purchases are taxed. The change “adversely impacts aviation businesses that are known for creating highly-skilled, good paying jobs at a time when we must continue to build economic momentum,” NATA said. Specifically, the White House proposes to change the depreciation period for certain GA airplanes, including corporate jets, from five years to seven years.

Ed Bolen, president of NBAA, said “it doesn’t make sense to single out one industry, as [President Obama] does in his latest budget, without the benefit of careful analysis of the impact his proposal would have. We will not let the president’s decision to target business aviation — whether in this budget proposal, or any other venue — go unchallenged.” The budget also proposes significant increases in spending on FAA operations, system modernization, and research, according to NATA.