Potential CG Issues Halt Rear Seat Sales On Lufthansa A320neos


Lufthansa is no longer selling the last row of seats on its Airbus A320neo fleet. According to reports, a company memo cited a recent airworthiness directive (AD) issued by EASA as its reasoning for the change. The AD, which implements temporary revisions to the A320neo flight manual to limit the aircraft’s center of gravity envelope, was issued on July 31 to address a potential angle of attack protection system problem discovered during testing.

“Analysis and laboratory testing of the behaviour of the flight control laws of the A320neo identified a reduced efficiency of the angle of attack protection when the aeroplane is set in certain flight configurations and in combination with specific manoeuvres commanded by the flight crew,” the AD reads. “This condition, although never encountered during operations, if not corrected, could lead to excessive pitch attitude, possibly resulting in increased flight crew workload.”

The AD went into effect on August 14. EASA says it is an interim action with further action to be considered.

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