‘Serial Stowaway’ Arrested At LAX


Police in Los Angeles have clipped the wings of a “serial stowaway” who managed to sneak onto a flight from San Jose to LAX last week. Marilyn Hartman was spotted hanging around LAX’s Terminal 7 on Thursday and that was enough take her to jail. A few days earlier she’d pleaded no contest to a stowaway charge and one of the conditions of her release was that she not go to LAX unless she had a ticket. She had earlier been caught six times at San Francisco International trying to board flights there and was banned from the property. She tried San Jose and had better luck and that has some city councilors worried about security at the airport, according to the San Jose Mercury.

Hartman blended in with a large family to get as far as the security lineup where she was screened normally, according to airport officials. A flight attendant must have missed her on the initial count, however, because she got to L.A., where she was arrested. She apparently said at some point during the proceedings that she preferred airports to homeless shelters. It was the second major security breach at San Jose Airport this year. In April, a teenaged boy hopped the perimeter fence and managed to survive a trip to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane.