Short Final: Checkride Cheerleader


While getting ready for my commercial checkride I was practicing intensively with daily flights of at least a couple of hours. Due to the time constraints and availability of school aircraft, I was flying during the same hours of the day so I got to work with the same Boston approach controller.

Once on a particularly busy day I got, “Sir, could you please move out of my airspace, I have intense arrivals to Boston Logan.”

I respectfully obliged.

On the day of the exam my examiner announced to Boston approach that it was a checkride and we proceeded with the routine. When we finished the following exchange occurred:

Boston Approach: “Piper 827ND, did your student pass?”

My Examiner: “Yes. Why?”

Boston Approach: “Thank you for passing him so he no longer clutters my airspace!”

Artem Grush
Boston, MA