Short Final: Darn Numbers


I was on descent into a congested metropolitan area when I had this exchange with the center controller.

Center: “N12345, contact Approach on 124.4.”

Me: “124.4 for N12345, thanks.”

Center: “No, N12345, I’m sorry but I got that wrong. You should go to Approach on 128.75.”

Me: “Got it, 128.75 for N12345, have a good day.”

Just as I was about to flip to the new frequency, he came on once more and said, “N12345, really, I will get this right. You should be going to Approach on 132.5. This job would be great if it weren’t for all the darn numbers.”

I was laughing as I repeated and went over to the new frequency. Of course, I admit I was kind of hoping the new controller would tell me it was the wrong frequency and I should go back to the old one. No, this third time was indeed the charm.

Marc Dulude
Bluffton, SC