Sonex, Navmar To Produce UAVs


Sonex Aircraft will collaborate with Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based on its Xenos line of motor gliders. Under the agreement, Oshkosh-based Sonex will produce the aircraft, to be called Teros, and ship them to NASC in Pennsylvania for UAV outfitting. The first prototype Teros is slated for delivery in June. The UAVs will be produced for Department of Defense customers, Sonex said.

The Teros will be powered with an AeroVee Turbo and will feature extended range and high-altitude performance, and abilities “in a wider range of environments and performing even more challenging missions than NASC’s existing TigerShark series,” Sonex said in its announcement.“The Xenos Motorglider is a perfect fit for UAV application,” Sonex founder John Monnett said. “The UAV mission is something we’ve been envisioning since the design of the Moni Motorglider in the 1980’s, combining performance and efficiency with extremely simple and economical construction.”Navmar Applied Sciences will announce more details about the Teros line next week at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference in Atlanta, May 4-7.