Tecnam Unveils Single-Engine Turbofan Concept


Tecnam is exploring the idea of developing a single-engine turbofan for military training and other markets, the company announced this week. Named the “P Jet,” the concept would feature what the Italian aircraft maker calls a “podded” engine design atop the fuselage for maximum efficiency, safety and easy access. The design also includes two side-by-side seats, a 28-foot wingspan and a twin-tail vertical stabilizer. There’s also potential for a pressurized version.

The initial target market will be military flight training, followed by private and business aviation sectors, said Tecnam, which is best known for its Rotax-powered twin, the P2006T. “Production of the ‘P Jet’ is a feasible proposition,” the company said in its announcement. “Tecnam’s initial research suggests that manufacturing this visionary aircraft is both technically and economically achievable.” Development will be based on achieving FAA and Europe’s EASA certification, the company said.