Two Military Helicopters Lost: At Least Six Dead


The U.S. military lost two helicopters in two days and the death toll of six may rise. On Wednesday, a Navy CH-53E Sea Dragon, the Navy variant of the Super Stallion, crashed off Norfolk, Va. There were five crew members on board. Four were rescued but two died. There is one still missing. The crash occurred about 18 miles off the Virginia coast. Sea Dragons are used by the Navy as mine countermeasures aircraft and for transport but the nature of the mission on Wednesday wasn’t immediately released. The other crash occurred in England and involved an Air ForceHH-60G Pave Hawk. It killed four service people.

Ironically, that crash occurred in the English region of Norfolk. Stars and Stripes says the crew was conducting low-level flight training when the crash occurred on the coast at Salthouse. The helicopter had 1200 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition on board and that was scattered over the crash site. There were two helicopters on the mission.