Viking, Bombardier Complete Amphibian Sale


Viking Air, of British Columbia, is now the owner of the type-design certificates for the line of amphibious aircraft formerly produced by Bombardier, the two companies announced today. The deal, which has been in the works since June, will also make Viking the main supporter for the 170 water bombers now flying, based in 11 countries around the world. “Aerial firefighting capability is becoming increasingly important,” said David Curtis, CEO of Viking. “We look forward to working with operators to ensure these vital aircraft remain ready to perform to their full potential protecting communities and critical infrastructure.”

The deal includes the CL-215, which was first launched in 1969 by Canadair; and the CL-215T, first introduced in 1992, which had a more efficient wing and more powerful Pratt & Whitney engines. It also includes the CL-415 Superscooper variant, first introduced in 1994, which can fly faster and carry more payload. The aircraft are mainly used for firefighting efforts, and also in a variety of roles including maritime patrol and search and rescue. Viking said it will add 40 new positions to manage the new fleet, and will provide service from a newly acquired and specially repurposed 50,000-square-foot facility in Calgary.