You Go, George


I was scrolling down my newsreader app this morning and saw a story about George H.W. Bush jumping out of a helicopter. Odd, I thought, thats an old story, why are they running it again.

Not. For his 90th birthday, the senior Bush did another tandem-his seventh-to celebrate. The story also noted that the former president no longer has use of his legs, but he still has the stones to man up and tandem out of a helicopter. I dont know about you, but to me, the word inspiration hardly does justice to the act. (It also reminds me that my own rig has been gathering dust in the closet for long enough that its about time I put it to use again.)

Why do you suppose President Bush insists on doing this, to the distress of his wife? I think I know why. Its for the same reason he became, in June 1943, the youngest naval aviator up to that time. He was 19. That took a taste for adrenaline in life that hes clearly never lost. We should all be so blessed.

Meanwhile, while George H.W. Bush isnt getting any older, you certainly are. Time to go do that skydive you always wanted to do.

Carpe diem.

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