Two-Seat SubSonex Set To Debut At AirVenture 2020


Sonex’s JSX-2T, a two-seat follow on to the solo SubSonex, has been making strong progress toward its live debut at Oshkosh this summer. Over the chilly Wisconsin winter, Sonex will begin constructing a prototype with the aim of having a flying example at the big summer airshow.

According to the company, “Most of the work to-date has been in the form of engineering analysis and detailed modeling of the aircraft in SolidWorks 3D CAD software. Building on the extensive 3D modeling design process of the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos B-Models, SubSonex JSX-2T will be the most extensively modeled design in the Sonex Aircraft product line thus-far.” Following the test flying and performance validation, Sonex will begin kitting the design, which it expects to complete in the third quarter of 2020. Total build cost is estimated as under $140,000 including engine, avionics and interior. Cruise speed is listed at “200+ MPH” and useful load is just under 700 pounds.

Fuel resides behind the pilot and passenger, with a ballistic whole-airframe parachute above it.

On the company’s JSX-2T update page, it continues to reveal details of the side-by-side, single-engine jet. The tail is expected to undergo changes to accommodate the greater loadings of a two-place aircraft, while the wing structure will be different as well. The pneumatic landing-gear retract system will be changed for a system that uses “an electric motor to pressurize a self-encapsulated hydraulic system powering a mechanical actuator. This system retains the powerful, non-compressible benefits hydraulics with none of the plumbing work and potential leakage hassles. Use of a single actuator is planned to reduce the weight, cost and electrical demands of the system vs. utilizing three actuators.” The landing gear will also carry larger wheels. The JSX-2T will carry an additional 10 GAL of Jet A, for 50 total. 

For now, the two-seater will continue with the PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine. The Czech engine manufacturer has announced a higher-thrust engine called the TJ-150 but Sonex feels that it’s too early to plan for that, so will rely on the familiar, 293-pound-thrust TJ-100.

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