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NewsWire Complete Issue

This issue of AVweb's AVflash is brought to you by …REBATE, PERSONALIZED SERVICE PROFILE & WARRANTY ARE YOURS WITH TopCare (TM) cylinders from Teledyne...

NTSB Presents Safety Seminar on Technically Advanced Aircraft

The National Transportation Safety Board is presenting a seminar highlighting the lessons learned from NTSB's accident investigations involving technically advanced aircraft. The seminar will be held on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the NTSB's Training Center in Ashburn, Virginia.

Ack Emma LLC receives FAA approval for AoA

Ack Emma LLC receives FAA approval for their CYA-100 Angle of Attack display system.

AVweb’s AirVenture 2003 Survival Guide — Part One

AVweb presents an insider's guide to the hows, whys and wheres of EAA's AirVenture 2003 at Oshkosh. AVweb columnist Rick Durden provides you the benefit of his years of OSH experience with tips you won't find anywhere else. This first part of a two-part series covers how to prepare for your pilgrimage to Aviation Mecca, what to bring, where to stay, when to go and what you need to know before you get there.

Garmin To Host Aviation Open House

Garmin is pleased to extend an invitation to our customers and media to attend our first annual Garmin Aviation Open House on Thursday, June 11th from 4:00-7:00 PM CDT. Pilots are welcome visit Garmin Headquarters in Olathe, Kansas to learn more about Garmin, tour our product reliability lab, manufacturing and repair facilities and flight simulator lab.

AEA 2002: Avionics Advances Continue Unabated

SPECIAL REPORT: Avionics manufacturers gathered in Palm Springs last week to show off their latest wizardry including data-link services for in-cockpit weather and traffic avoidance, glitzy cockpit displays, solid-state gyros, satellite music, and more. AVweb's Dave Higdon reports.

BuildAPlane To Raffle Off Cessna 150

BuildAPlane is joining hands with the Eagle Flying Museum to fund youth aviation education programs. The Fort Worth, Texas-based non-profit organization is raffling off a recently refurbished Cessna 150 to raise money for a new Build A Plane opportunity for kids to restore a classic Boeing Stearman.

Fishing with Aviation Objects, Redux

AVweb's NewsWire for October 25, 1999 included the news item below about a Russian serviceman nabbed by local police with a curious collection of aviation-related items, including a flight data recorder tape and an "aviation cannon." We offered an AVweb mug to the reader with the best guess as to how these items fit into the soldier's plans to "stun fish" and many readers responded. In fact, many of you outdid yourselves. Here's the best of the entries we received and, at the bottom, the entry that won the AVweb coffee mug.

NewsWire Complete Issue

This issue of AVweb's NewsWire is brought to you by …REBATE, PERSONALIZED SERVICE PROFILE & WARRANTY ARE YOURS WITH TopCare (TM) cylinders from Teledyne...

NewsWire Complete Issue

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