Seminole Clips Daytona Houses »

Officials in Daytona Beach, Florida, say two occupants of a Piper Seminole that clipped two houses before crashing in a retention pond Saturday suffered only superficial injuries. More

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A GippsAero GA10 turbo Airvan was destroyed after a test flight on Monday when it crashed in the Mojave Desert. Both pilots on board bailed out at 5,000 feet... More

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Combining the loads imposed by maneuvering with those encountered in turbulence can exceed structural limits. More

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Dan Buchanan, a paraplegic hang glider pilot who performed at airshows all over the world for almost 30 years, died in a crash at an Idaho show on Saturday.... More

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Two pilots were killed in a crash involving the Siemens-powered Magnus eFusion electric aircraft on Thursday morning in Hungary, local police reported. The... More