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uAvionix skyBeacon: Wingtip ADS-B »

If you've been holding off on an ADS-B installation because of a potentially complex and costly installation, uAvionixs says its skyBeacon wingtip ADS-B device is the solution you've been waiting for. Is it? The staff at sister publication Aviation Consumer put an impartial and critical eye on the product to find out. More

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FAA Proposes $3.7 Million... »

The FAA wants to fine the now-shuttered NavWorx $3.7 million for allegedly altering its ADS-B transmitters to hide the fact that they used a non-compliant... More

ADS-B Manufacturer NavWorx... »

Just weeks after releasing a replacement product for its AD-stricken ADS600-B system, Texas-based NavWorx announced on its webpage today it is ceasing... More