Video: Piper’s New Archer DX Diesel

At Aero 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Piper introduced its first diesel, the Continental Centurion-powered Archer DX. AVweb talked to Piper CEO Simon Caldecott and Continental's Rhett Ross about the new DX.

Aero Opens At Friedrichshafen

Show organizers say they expect the largest North American participation ever.

Garmin: Tablets Have Made an Impact, But Dedicated Portables Aren’t Dead

At Aero 2013, Garmin International expanded its presence with a larger display area and space for demonstrations and training and the company told AVweb that it saw its strongest show yet. In this podcast with AVweb, Garmin VP of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf said the company is looking for even stronger results in Europe and has hired dedicated staff to manage the territory. "Not that other shows have more tire kickers, but we can definitely tell the difference. This show definitely has a good feel of qualified buyers and intelligent questions. We have a large presence here with more sales people than we've had before," Wolf said.

Future Fuels Market: Still Mixed Signals in Europe and U.S.

At Aero 2013 in Friedrichshafen this week, fuel has been a leading topic of discussion and if there's any single word to describe the mood on the industry it's this: confused. In Europe, many airports have three fuels available -- autogas, 100LL and Jet A -- and a handful are distributing French refiner Total's 91UL. But that fuel isn't widely deployed enough to have gained other than toehold market status.

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Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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