Aircraft Upgrades

AOPA Expands Financing Options »

AOPA is expanding its presence in the aircraft finance market with a new service for its members. The AOPA Finance Company is a brokerage that brings together borrowers and lenders to make getting money for airplanes and upgrades easier. Adam Meredith, who is heading up the new company, said in an interview with AVweb that AOPA has been helping members with financing for about 20 years but always through a single lender. The new company will deal with a multitude of lenders that have stuck with aircraft financing through the recession and are looking for new business. More

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FAA ADS-B Rebate Window... »

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Lilium Raises $90 Million... »

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Becoming a Test Pilot »

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New Part 23 Now In Effect »

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Piston Single Speed Record Set »

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