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Video: Bomber Day At AirVenture »

Possibly the most extravagant flying display ever mounted at AirVenture took place on Bomber Day. AVweb's Russ Niles was there. More

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Doc’s Friends Launch... »

Doc, the beautifully restored B-29 based in Wichita, made a lot of new friends last month with a full week of appearances and flights at EAA AirVenture... More

Uber At OSH »

Uber was making the rounds at AirVenture last month. To call their plans for on-demand air taxi ambitious would be criminal understatement. More

100LL Replacement: Drop-in... »

As the FAA’s technical testing of unleaded avgas replacements grinds on, owners and manufacturers are still wondering what the approved fuels will look... More

This Is The Last Blog On ADS-B »

Please, I beg you. Don't make me go on. More

Weather Latency Simulator »

AVweb reports on a simulator that lets you see the latency in NEXRAD weather data as you fly a scenario in deteriorating weather. The WILD sim was open for... More

Record Attendance For... »

With day after day of sunny skies and low humidity in Oshkosh last week, the crowds at EAA AirVenture had nothing to hamper them, and EAA this week reported... More