Avionics and Your Airplane

Advertising in glossy airplane magazines (and, let's be honest, sometimes here on AVweb too) exhorts you to buy the latest, greatest, bleeding-edge avionics for your plane. Come time to sell it, though, and you might not get back what you put into it. Brian Jacobson discusses the value of upgrading your panel.

Gems in the GPS Attic

If you fly short hops in your GPS-equipped airmobile, you may not have had time to ponder what else your GPS can do besides "Direct-to" and short flight plans. Next time you have an hour or two in cruise, try out these unexpected bonuses in your box.

Electronic Flight Bag — Update

Last August John Ruley wrote about how you can make your own electronic flight bag, using a Tablet PC and relatively inexpensive software. After testing it on a couple of actual cross-country flights, he has some different things to say about it.

Some Great, Cheap Electronics for Pilots

Long GA flights require special planning and, sometimes, special equipment. During a recent transcontinental trip, Mike Busch had the opportunity to fly with some new electronic gadgets -- each priced well under $1,000 -- and found them too terrific not to share.

Roll Your Own Electronic Flight Bag

Overwhelmed by paper? Tired of buying and carrying pounds of approach charts for a cross-country trip when you'll be landing at only a few airports along the way? John Ruley has found some new solutions for when you're ready to bring your charts into the digital age.

GPS and Beyond: The SatNav Transition

Delays in implementing various aspects of the GPS system have left many in a quandary about why and perhaps when to move to the next generation of WAAS-capable avionics, and where LAAS fits in the big picture. This article offers some guidance for both VFR and IFR operators who may be considering the purchase of new SatNav avionics.

The “Big Ten Inch” — Avidyne FlightMax Entegra

How'd you like to have the front office of your little SEL decked out better than many airliners? And for a fraction of the cost of electronic displays the bizjets have. Avidyne recently certified the first-in-class primary flight display for small GA aircraft, and Dave Higdon has our review.

Flight Data System’s Air-Data Fuel Performance Computer

In a quest to bring some glass-cockpit technology to their homebuilt, a couple of guys created an air-data computer with a very simple interface, small size, and low price, but with all the necessary features. Mike Corder, like many pilots they met, wanted one for himself and brings us this review.

Holey Safety Net

ELTs are there to aid rescuers, but false alarms are compounded by the fact that ELTs usually don't work when they should. This article appeared in the January 2002 edition of Aviation Safety and is reprinted here by permission.

GPS Jamming

You think the only time you have to worry about getting your GPS jammed is during wartime? Think again -- these devices are so sensitive that many things could jam them. And a VFR GPS isn't even required to warn you if it is jammed.

AVweb Insider

Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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