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NASA Accepting Applications For Mission Control »

NASA says it’s hiring a new round of flight directors to oversee U.S. human spaceflight for the upcoming Orion missions and the International Space Station, responsible for the success of missions and the highly trained teams of engineers and scientists that make them possible. More

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Berlin Airlift: Plus Fifty »

With needle, ball and a hell of a lot of guts, a bunch of guys flying beat-up C-47s won the first round of the cold war. It was the most challenging IFR... More

Honeywell Forecasts 4,000... »

In its 20th annual "Turbine-Powered Civil Helicopter Purchase Outlook," released in late February 2018, Honeywell forecasts 4,000 to 4,200 new civilian-use... More

Air Force One Deal Near »

President Donald Trump has again personally intervened in the negotiations with Boeing to modify two new 747-8i airliners to serve as the primary Air Force... More

Martin-Baker Fined For... »

U.K.-based ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker has been fined $1.4 million by a British court after admitting its role in the death of a Royal Air Force... More

Boeing Sticks Its Foot In It »

Boeing likely thought it was stepping on an ant when it tried to block Bombardier's sale of CSeries airliners to Delta. It may have bought a multi-front... More

Air Force Narrows Light... »

The U.S. Air Force has narrowed the field in the competition for its new light attack aircraft to just two, the AT-6 Wolverine and A-29 Super Tucano,... More