Short Final

Short Final: Mistaken Identity

I was flying south over a water route just off the East Coast nearing Washington, D.C., when a Baron called ATC and this was the exchange...

Short Final: Mach 3

A few days ago, departing Minot North Dakota for Duluth in a Skylane, I asked ATC if the NOTAM for military training at Duluth had the airport closed, or whether it was open to GA traffic...

Short Final: That Can’t Be Right

Eastbound through Chicago OHares Class Bravo, we were on frequency with a controller rattling off instructions to several airplanes in rapid fire...

Short Final: Concorde Criticism

About 30 years ago I had a business trip to London and took the BOAC Concorde from Washington Dulles International Airport to London Heathrow Airport...

Short Final: Highway 101

Heading north from Santa Monica to Oakland and approaching San Jose, I heard the following...

Short Final: Phraseology

Its always better at home when your flying spouse knows proper ATC phraseology...

Short Final: Going Fishing

I was flying with a non-pilot friend who had never been in a small plane. We were listening in on Key West Internationals tower frequency. It was early on a Saturday morning and not much was happening...

Short Final: Ready For Departure

I was preparing for some instrument and maneuvering practice with my instructor, Andy. Sitting in the apron area in a Cessna 172 with the engine running, I made my initial call to Texarkana Ground as follows...

Short Final: Class C Workout

Peoria Approach: I bet you didnt think you were going to get this type of workout when you asked for the clearance into the Class Charlie, did you?

Short Final: Twilight Zone

My wife and I departed Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix in our Cessna 177RG. Before departing we received a complicated taxi clearance to what looked like a parking lot at the end the active runway.

Draco Crash: What Lesson?

The easy answer is don't do this. But the right answer is to accept that if you push toward your limits, you may find them.

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David Clark Pro-X2 Flight Trial

While we like the comfort of Bose and LightSpeed headsets, the circumaural—around the ear—design isn't comfortable for everyone. So veteran headset maker David Clark is out with the new Pro-X2, a hybrid ANR model that's supra-aural—that is, it sits on top of the ear. It's mid-priced at $745. In this AVweb video, Aviation Consumer magazine's Larry Anglisano offers a bench and audio flight test of the new product.