Short Final

Short Final…

Overheard at KLAS, Dec. 19, 2003, 9:30pm...

ATC: NABCD, after departure turn left heading 175 climb and maintain at or below 4,000, departure 125.9 and squawk XXXX.

Pilot: Any chance of a higher inital altitude?

ATC: We give you 4,000 in case of lost com.

Pilot: I know thats why I want higher.

Short Final…

Heard on the Ellington Field ATIS on Christmas Eve.:

"... on initial contact advise you have Ellington information Rudolph."

Short Final…

Overheard December 18, 2003, at a local gliderport...

"A moment of silence everyone, for today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tow plane."

Short Final…

At a busy local airport one sunny Saturday flight instructors were hopping in and out of different aircraft all day long:

Unidentified pilot: Montgomery Ground, Cessna, er, Cessna ... wait ... who am I today?
I'll have to call you back.

Ground: Roger, call back when you know who you are.

Short Final

Taxing back for a departure on Rwy 23 at Morristown (MMU), I noticed a group of 10 or so snow geese walking across the taxiway toward the runway. I paused for a moment and started to maneuver in behind the group of waterfowl. Then I heard ...

GROUND CONTROL: Cessna 123, those things are really a pain in the tail feathers.

ME: Some one is going to have to teach them a lesson.

GROUND: (refering to a Citation on short final) It looks like they are going to get that lesson.

UNIDENTIFIED: "Mmmm -- Pate!"

Short Final…

Over Philly on a gorgeous CAVU Sunday...

Cessna XXX: Philly approach, Cessna XXX with you at 4,500.

Philly Approach: Cessna XXX, Roger, Altimeter 30.69 and numerous targets in your vicinity.

Cessna XXX: Could you be more specific about the targets?

Philly Approach: OK, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock - would you like me to continue?

Cessna XXX: Negative, we get the picture...

Short Final…

When I called the Oakland FSS today for a preflight briefing and asked about TFRs in the area I received probably the best explanation so far of what the blanket National Security NOTAM meant in practice: "Just the usual one that's been in place for a while, you know, don't be makin' pylon turns around the Golden Gate bridge..."

Short Final…

Overheard recently -- while I was literally on short final, in fact:

Tower: Cessna XXX, you said you were at taxiway Alpha One? Alpha Two?

Cessna XXX: Uh... We're holding at Alpha Three.

Tower: Right. One plus Two equals Three.

Short Final…

Overheard October 19, near Las Vegas:

United XXX: LA Center, say again the frequency for United XXX. No answer on 133.4.
Center: United XXX, 133.4 is correct. Try again. If there's still no answer, come back up this frequency ... and I'll send somebody over there to smack the dirt out of their ears.

Short Final

An SLC Center Controler I know has his personal aircraft hangered at the local Muni airport. Facing his hangar is another that houses a Green Cessna 210. One day that Cessna came into his sector. My controler friend recognized the N number. The exchange follows...

Controller: N123, is that airplane painted green?
Pilot: Uh, yes. ...Why?
Controller: Just checking our new color radar.

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