The Pilot’s Lounge #135: Think You Fly IFR? Meet Dave Hertel and Friends at...

Weather, ice, and keeping track of all those instruments can keep you pretty busy during a routine flight, eh? Imagine staying on top of the gauges in a 1940s-era cockpit, with the boys at the front lines of World War II relying on you to deliver supplies in even the most forbidding weather. The thought crossed Rick Durden's mind recently, and he knew just who to consult - a pilot who flew under those conditions day-in, day-out. Dave Hertel joins Rick in the latest installment of "The Pilot's Lounge" to reflect on challenges that might give you a few gray hairs just to read about.

The Pilot’s Lounge #134: Gear Up, Good Night – Flying Freight in the Not-So-Good...

While it is fashionable in some circles to assert that society is falling apart and that if only we could return to the ways of yore, all would be well, in the world of Part 135 flying, it simply isn't true. The cowboy days of operators cutting every corner possible trying to make a buck while the FAA looked the other way killed way too many people.

The Pilot’s Lounge #133: The Checkout – What Does an Instructor Want to See?

Want to ace your check ride? Pay attention, stay sharp, and read Rick Durden's latest installment of "The Pilot's Lounge" to increase your chances.

The Pilot’s Lounge #132: Why Flying Is Such A Buzz

We demonstrate all manner of inherently unsafe behavior in airplanes to student pilots. Why not show them how to buzz?

The Pilot’s Lounge #131: Spin Training

Student pilots don't have to prove they can recover from a spin, but Rick Durden knows the training advantages that come from near-spins.

The Pilot’s Lounge #130: Competition Spot Landings

If you think spot-landings within 100 feet of the required spot are a challenge, try it without power on approach. And do it within 20 feet of the mark. AVweb's Rick Durden can do it now.

The Pilot’s Lounge #129: Landings — Watching The Really Good Pilots

AVweb's Rick Durden found some really good pilots at Oshkosh this year ... just by watching them land.

The Pilot’s Lounge #128: Oshkosh Arrival — Let’s Stay Alive This Year

EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh is coming ... and we need to step up the safety level again.

The Pilot’s Lounge #127: Unfairly Maligned Airplanes

Not every challenging airplane is actually a dog. AVweb's Rick Durden thinks some of the blame belongs to clueless pilots.

The Pilot’s Lounge #126: The Less-Than-Great Planes

Your favorite airplane may be my nemesis, and vice versa. But some planes have very few supporters, usually for good reasons.

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Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

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