SPONSORED VIDEO:Introducing Jeppesen’s Chart Clinic

Jeppesen has brought back its Chart Clinic educational program with a modern twist. Jeppesen's Reggie Arsenault talks about the integration of its apps for IFR and VFR charts into the new series of Chart Clinics.

Continental Exports Zulu Flight Program

The company' sim-based training system will be expanded into Europe.

Video: Redbird’s VTO Helicopter Simulator

There's a reason you don't see many helicopter simulators. Helicopter flight dynamics are difficult to model, and modeling a simulation that can hover is a challenge. But with it's new VTO simulator, Redbird says it has done just that. At Sun 'n Fun, where Redbird introduced the VTO, the company's Roger Sharp gave AVweb a demo.

Video: ASA’s Apps and E-Books

ASA has 39 specialty training apps for pilots and dozens of aviation e-books. At Sun 'n Fun, ASA's Brian Snider showed AVweb some of the more popular apps.

The New ATP-A Brief Window Before the Sky Falls?

Following the 2009 Colgan Air Flight 3407 crash near Buffalo, New York Congress and the FAA mandated extraordinarily expensive changes in the training requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. The ATP changes have almost all phased in, but a few months are left before the most onerous one becomes effective. Pilots seeking an ATP should do all they can to pass the written before August 1, 2014 or face additional training estimated to cost over $15,000.

IFR Mastery Series: Scenario-Based Training

While can't put you in an airplane, they can do the next best thing by immersing you in the mental aspects of IFR flying.

Think Global Flight Ramps Up Support

The Think Global Flight Initiative has received funding from the Wolf Aviation Fund as it gears up for a circumnavigation flight in support of a global effort to increase student interest in the so-called STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects in school. Flight organizers have already involved 10,000 students in 10 countries (including 25 states in the U.S.) with projects to help with flight planning, navigation and logistics of the flight. Donors who want to be involved can buy a "Skyway" that will fund fuel for the flight. Judy Rice will be the pilot and she will be accompanied by navigator and relief pilot Fred Nauer. Rice said in an interview with AVweb the goal is to inspire and enthuse students all over the world in the "hard" subjects.

Pipistrel’s Model-Specific Personalized Online Academy

Pipistrel has developed an online interactive training tool specific to Pipistrel owners or flight students flying Pipistrel aircraft as part of the "Pipistrel Academy Program" for Pipistrel certified flight schools, the company formally announced Wednesday. The training solutions, which were introduced during AERO 2013, seek to provide "a deep understanding of flight theory with a specific focus on flying Pipistrel aircraft models." The full academy program provides both students and flight schools with training materials, syllabus, a business model and consultation and is for schools certified by Pipistrel. The company describes its model-specific training as "online mentorship" tailored through interactive programs to meet the needs of individual students. Currently, model-specific training is limited to just one model, but the company says more options will follow.

Training Program Addresses First-Officer Changes

Every crisis creates opportunities, the saying goes, and with aspiring pilots facing a 1,500-hour minimum flight-time requirement for entry-level jobs in the regional airlines, due to take effect in August, FlightSafety Academy is offering a new program to address that need. FlightSafety said it plans to hire college graduates who have at least a commercial certificate plus multi-engine and instrument ratings, and will give them free training for their flight instructor certificate as well as CFI-instrument and CFI-multi. Hours flown in training and in giving instruction will help the pilots qualify for the ATP certificate, the company said. The pilots must make a two-year commitment to work at FlightSafety.

AOPA Foundation Offers Grants

Under a new program called "Giving Back," the AOPA Foundation is providing a chance for nonprofit groups in general aviation and student pilots to apply for grants to support a variety of needs. The grants for nonprofit groups will be available in amounts up to $10,000, Stephanie Kenyon, a vice president of the foundation, told AVweb on Wednesday. "It can be a request for general operating support or it can be program-specific," Kenyon said. The training scholarships will be offered in amounts up to $5,000. The Foundation is also offering free AOPA memberships to teenagers and members of the armed forces.

The grant applications for nonprofit groups are due by July 1, Kenyon said, but the scholarships and membership programs are ongoing. This is the first year of the program, and depending on response, the offerings might change in subsequent years, she said. More details about the grant programs and how to apply can be found at the Foundation's website. AVweb's Mary Grady spoke with Kenyon about the program, click here to listen to the podcast.

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