AOPA, NATA Battle Over FBO Costs

Historical allies AOPA and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) are now pitted against each other in an unusual battle over airport access, fuel costs and fees. AOPA, along with seven affected pilots, has filed a Part 13 complaint with the FAA against three Signature FBOs in Key West, Florida; Asheville, North Carolina; and Waukegan, Illinois.

Privatizing Airports: Another DOA Idea

The record on privatizing airports is dismal because most of them lose money.

Jangled By Airport Noise

I'm really getting to the point where I can't stand it. Really.

Avgas Replacement: Bumbling Along

Moving at the speed of a charging glacier, we're getting there. But the end game won't be pretty.

Your Checkout: An Instructor’s Perspective

When the vast majority of American pilots want to go flying they rent an airplane from their local FBO, flight school or flying club. That means they have to go through some sort of a checkout with the aircraft provider before they can take the aircraft on their own. Whether the checkout is in a type the pilot hasn't flown before or with a new-to-the-pilot rental facility, there is a certain amount of uncertainty and discomfort for the pilot-after all, it's effectively a checkride.

Cheap Gas Equals More Flying

But does it really? And maybe $4 isn't exactly cheap enough.

Avgas Prices Falling – Slowly

Avgas prices have dropped enough to garner attention, prompting aircraft owners to ask FBOs if they'll keep going down like prices at their local car-gas stations. Hoping for $2 avgas is unrealistic, but FBOs around the country told AVweb their posted prices have ticked down in recent months.

New Mexico FBO Owner Dies In Crash

Tyler Francis, owner of an FBO business in New Mexico, died Monday when the experimental airplane he was flying crashed at Las Cruces International Airport, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported. Francis, 29, owned Francis Aviation, headquartered at the Dona Ana County Airport in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The Murky World of Avgas Prices

We're assuming unleaded avgas will be more expensive than 100LL. But what if more companies enter the market and increase competition? Or maybe the tooth fairy will leave a gas card under your pillow.

New This Week

Our weekly review of the news revealed that piston engine aircraft sales were up in the first quarter, the new "Got Weather?" campaign is kicking off, a company has been formed to produce a solar-electric light sport airplane and Kansas State Universitys aviation program has been the recipient of donated Frasca simulator.

AVweb Insider

Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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