Shutdown Straining System

As the government shutdown grinds on with no end in sight, calls from the aviation industry to restore funding are getting more strident and the system is starting to show some strain.

Can Grassroots Flying Solve The Pilot Shortage?

The FAA's light sport rule all but gutted ultralight aviation. Yet it has huge potential to get people interested in flying on the cheap.

UAS Course Scholarships Offered For First Responders

Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is offering $500 scholarships to first responders who want to attend its small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) commercial remote pilot training course in 2019. The three-day course covers topics including airspace, meteorology, weather, UAS performance, loading and center of gravity, and Part 107 operations.

Wait, You Mean Bernoulli Had It All Wrong?

Its only by a twist of fortune that YouTube didnt exist in 1738. Otherwise, airplanes still wouldnt be a thing.

Podcast: American Airlines Cadet Academy

American Airlines recently opened a Cadet Academy for new flight students looking for airline pilot careers. With its first cadets already in training, American Airlines Pilot Career Strategy Manager Christopher Shope shared program details with AVweb.

Diamond Sells 60 Aircraft For Flight Training

Diamond Aircraft, of Austria, announced this week at the Middle East Business Aviation Association Show in Dubai they have agreed to sell 60 airplanes, including both the single-engine DA40 NG and the DA42-VI twin, over the next five years to the Saudi National Company of Aviations CAE Authorized Training Center.

Short Final: Twilight Zone

My wife and I departed Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix in our Cessna 177RG. Before departing we received a complicated taxi clearance to what looked like a parking lot at the end the active runway.

Southeastern University Launches Accelerated Flight Training

Southeastern University and International Aero Academy, both based in Lakeland, Florida, announced last week the launch of an aviation program that will provide a fast track to a professional pilot career.

Sure, You Voted. But Can You Renew Yourself?

For CFIs, flight reviews are mere bagatelles. It's the biennial renewal that makes a root canal look a better way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Industry Round-up, November 16, 2018

This week, AVwebs news roundup found stories about new simulators for Central Washington University, the launch of a program for aspiring pilots, a training management system agreement for and flight data analysis software for Aeromexico.

AVweb Insider

Two Tragic Accidents And We’re Arguing About Sim Time?

You'd think Boeing would try belt and suspenders this time. But for the revised MAX, it wants to again try what already didn't work.

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