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Santa Monica Airport To Impose More Fees »

Residents in the urban neighborhoods that surround busy Santa Monica Airport in southern California have complained about operations there for years, citing noise, air pollution, and the danger from plane crashes, and now the city has approved new landing fees that not only more than double the fees for transient flyers, but also now apply to airport tenants, including flight schools. More

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EZ-FLY: Researching Easier... »

In the airline and military realm, fly-by-wire control has become old hat but because of expense and certification complexity, the technology hasn’t... More

Lion Air Voice Recorder... »

More than two months after the crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX off Indonesia, divers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the seabed. More

Assessing Red Line Weather »

Few weather phenomena are truly a “red line” that cannot be safely flown. Is the cold front one? More

Top Five Reasons To Hate... »

Always worth a few clicks, asking readers to rank their favorite airplanes is an evergreen standby for editors desperate to avoid another how-to-land story... More

Top Letters And Comments,... »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about remembering Herb Kelleher, the effects of the government shutdown, newly released SpaceX rocket... More

Helicopter Rescue In Alps »

A French helicopter pilot got the job done in a tight rescue operation in a back country ski area of the Alps on Jan. 2. More