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The Next Big Thing In Toys »

Looks to me like it might be multi-rotors, if the manufacturers can get the numbers right. More

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Citing the growing global pilot shortage, the University of North Dakota on Wednesday announced it has established a $1.5 million scholarship endowment for... More

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It has less to do with how the airplane flies than how reliable it is and what it costs to maintain. More

The Dark Side Of BasicMed »

Hint: It doesn't have anything to do with a checkmark appearing next to the word "anus." More

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AVweb's Geoff Rapoport spoke with founder Xylon Saltzman about One-G Simulation's first foray into virtual reality with their simulator for the Robinson R44. More

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Jeff Van West interviews Greg Roark, the founder of the Aspen Aerospace Alliance and the Director of Aeronautics for the Aspen School District. Roark leads a... More

Kitty Hawk Multi-Rotor At... »

At AirVenture, a California startup called Kitty Hawk rolled out a unique new multi-rotor aircraft that's essentially similar to a large drone. It will carry... More