Lycoming Requires Conrod Inspections »

Lycoming issued a Mandatory Service Bulletin on Monday that requires owners and operators of its engines to check them for connecting rods that contain bushings that do not meet Lycoming Engine’s specifications, and if the bushings are found, to take follow-up corrective action. This inspection must be completed within the next 10 hours of engine operation. More

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Final AD Issued For Piper... »

The FAA issued a final Airworthiness Directive on Tuesday that will affect 23,643 airplanes in the Piper fleet, mainly PA-28 and PA-32 models in the Cherokee... More

Quieter Mufflers For... »

A French company has received EASA and Canadian certification for an aftermarket exhaust system that could substantially reduce noise complaints at training... More

Crewing at Reno »

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Fire Extinguishers: Halon,... »

Halon and its newer alternatives are effective aircraft fire extinguishing agents. Things you bring with you in the cabin can make a fire much worse. More

What's Under the Hood?... »

To follow up on its popular "Your Refurb" series of Feature articles, AVweb is starting a new, equally occasional, series on caring, feeding and upgrading... More