Vinyl Graphics Projects: Better For Composites »

Do-it-yourself vinyl graphics are an alternative to custom paint work, but only if the base paint is in top condition. Metal airframes pose a challenge. More

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How skin condition affects aircraft performance. More

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Austro’s 180-HP diesel and Jet-A burning AE330 has received EASA approval to extend time between overhaul to 1,800 hours based on the engine’s... More

Money vs. Maintenance »

Given the sorry mechanical state of the general aviation fleet, the cost-value equation on fixing stuff isn't what it used to be. More

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AOPA says the FAA is about to approve more liberalization of aircraft certification by relaxing some requirements for GA aircraft. In a story on its website,... More

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For the time being, they put Textron and Lycoming in the crosshairs. Consumers may or may not benefit. More

Legacy Light Sport: Cub vs.... »

For a little less money (sometimes), the Aeronca is a better flier, roomier, faster and easier to land. But it will always lack the Cub’s cachet. More