AVweb’s Friday Podcast: Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn Discusses Delays and Customer Reactions (Part 1...

In Part 1 of today's special 2-part podcast, Eclipse's Vern Raburn joins us for a candid conversation about delays, deliveries, and the future of the VLJ market. In a recent letter to customers (explaining the manufacturing problems and reasons for the delay), Raburn addressed many of the concerns with an upbeat eye toward the future of the Eclipse 500. Go behind the letter with Raburn himself in today's Friday podcast - and if this only whets your appetite, you can continue on to Part 2 of our interview for more in-depth details.

AVweb’s (Bonus) Friday Podcast, Part 2: More with Eclipse’s Vern Raburn

If today's exclusive interview with Eclipse CEO and President Vern Raburn left you wanting to know more about the challenges faced by the growing VLJ manufacturer, you're in luck: We have a bonus audio file for you, wherein Raburn addresses some of the many contributing factors that have caused the delay, including vendor and supplier problems. And if Eclipse jets are going to hit their promised price mark, the company will need to sell an awful lot of them to turn a profit, won't it? Raburn speaks to the economics of the Eclipse 500 and answers his critics in Part 2 of our interview.

AVweb’s Monday Podcast: Raytheon Changing Hands, the Lycoming Class Action Suit, and More …

This week in aviation news: Raytheon could have new owners within the next month; new claimants may soon join the class action suit against Lycoming; two North American college students will intern abroad at Socata Aircraft in France next year; a new engine alternative for VLJs is on the horizon; and AOPA's Project Pilot could be just the thing to give your friends' their first taste of flight this holiday season.

Video of the Week: Impressive Landing

AVweb reader Brett Bohannon brought this amazing video to our attention over the Thanksgiving holiday. (Watch your mailbox for an official AVweb hat, Brett!) The video was originally posted to YouTube by user Gooney87. Click through to watch as an unidentified pilot brings his Cessna to a graceful landing with only one landing gear available.

AVweb’s Friday Podcast: Honda VP Jeffrey Smith Talks HondaJet at Greensboro, NC

Honda Aircraft opened the doors to its Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters on Monday, and AVweb was there. Company vice-president Jeffrey Smith went on record, explaining the progress of the HondaJet and its sales and marketing plans.

Extra! Frank Thielert on Aerodiesel Engines

Innovative Thielert Aircraft Engines continues to make inroads in the U.S. market with its automotive-based diesel engine. This month, Aviation Consumer magazine interviewed Frank Thielert about the company's new diesel conversion for the Cessna 172.
(For a full, detailed analysis of this product, see the December issue of Aviation Consumer at

AVweb’s Monday Podcast: User Fees, the Controller Shortage, and Potentially Criminal Lapses of Judgement

In today's audio news podcast, hear about how the DOT Inspector General supports aviation user fees; the looming air traffic controller shortage; a call condemning "criminalization" of aviation accidents; Eagle Aircraft's bid to open a second FBO at Tallahassee Airport; and more.

Video of the Week: CV-22 Osprey

AVweb's Russ Niles was on hand at Aviation Nation last week and brought back a terrific clip of the Osprey CV-22 making its public debut. We thought everyone would like to see it, so we're sharing it here as AVweb's "Video of the Week." (Click through to watch.)

AVweb’s Friday Podcast: Cirrus’s Alan Klapmeier on Safety at AOPA Expo

Cirrus Design cofounder and CEO Alan Klapmeier isn't one to shy away from the topic of safety. In fact, after a succession of three fatal accidents involving Cirrus airplanes last month, he addressed the topic head-on in a letter recently sent to Cirrus owners and in an interview last week with AVweb at AOPA Expo. Listen to that interview here.

AVweb’s Monday Podcast: Following Up on the Elections and AOPA Expo ’06

Hear about how the elections will affect the user-fee push; the FAA takes a hard stand on preserving airports; AOPA Expo sets record attendance in Palm Springs; Foxjet revived after being on the shelf for nearly 30 years; the Aviation Safety Reporting System celebrates 30 years; and more.

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