Podcast: Cirrus Expands Training Efforts

While Cirrus sales success with the SR line and now the VisionJet is obvious, less well known is that the company is becoming a force in the aviation training market. At Aero this week, Cirrus revealed that its staffed up and is investing in significant in-house training resources and video and that all of this information is available to all comers, not just Cirrus owners. In this podcast, Ben Kowalski explains the programs.

Podcast: AOPA’s Mark Baker Talks Certification Trends

AOPA President Mark Baker gave a presentation about some surprising growth trends in pilot certifications at Aero 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. In this podcast, he discusses the relationship between the number of active pilots, pilot salaries, and flight training in the U.S. and Europe.

Podcast: GAMA President Pete Bunce On The Boeing 737 MAX

GAMA President Pete Bunce discusses the potential industry-wide impacts of the questions that have arisen regarding the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX including how to balance safety, regulation and providing a pathway for innovation and new certifications. In this podcast from Aero 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, he also talks the economics of sustainable aviation fuel.

Podcast: Piper’s Simon Caldecott On Aircraft Production

At Aero 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Piper's Simon Caldecott briefed the press on the company's market activity in Europe-the M-Class airplanes are hot sellers, it turns out. In this podcast, he also explained Piper's investment in improved and more efficient production.

Podcast: Rust Remover For CFIs

Hand flying is a major safety focus in the drive to reduce loss-of-control accidents and CFIs are being urged to sharpen their own stick and rudder skills and pass that on to their students. Society of Aviation and Flight Educators spokesman discussed a new initiative with AVweb's Russ Niles at Sun 'n Fun 2019.

Podcast: Alsim Talks New U.S. Facility, More Automated Sims

In addition to experiencing the best year in its 25-year history in 2018, simulator manufacturer Alsim is moving toward opening a new production facility in the U.S. and developing more automated simulators. Global Business Development Director Mike Tonkin sat down with AVweb at Sun n Fun 2019 to share the details.

Podcast: High School Flying Club Starts Aircraft And Engine Builds

The high school students at the Lakeland Aero Club started several new projects at Sun n Fun this year. Club President Mike Zidziunas talked with AVweb about the clubs history and the students work on aircraft and engine building, restoration and repairs.

CFIs Urged To Get Uncomfortable

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) is challenging CFIs young and old to sharpen their own hand flying skills to pass that knowledge along to students.

Podcast: GAMI’s Tim Roehl Explains The New GAMISPEC 550 Engine Program

In this podcast from Sun 'n Fun 2019, GAMI's Tim Roehl offers the details behind the new GAMISPEC 550 engines, gross-weight increases for various Bonanza models, and then offers an update on GAMI's unleaded avgas replacement.

Podcast: Superior’s Scott Hayes Explains The XP-400 and XP-382 Recall

Last month, Superior Air Parts grounded the experimental-class XP-400 and XP-382 engines after a pair of crankshaft failures believed to be caused by detonation in these engines. Superior then undertook the process of buying these engines back from homebuilders and paying for return shipping. In this podcast, Scott Hayes, Superior's VP of sales and marketing, brings us up to speed on the return process and goes into some detail on the reasons for the grounding.

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