Video of the Week: Radio-Controlled F-14

This week, we ask the question, "Would Top Gun have been as much fun if Tom Cruise had an RC antenna instead of a stick?" Probably not - but it might have been more exciting than you think, as evidenced by this clip of a scale model radio-controlled F-14 posted on YouTube by mwtpt4270. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: FLIR Demo into Aspen, Colorado

Our latest "Video of the Week" comes to us from an AVweb reader who writes, "For those that know what FLIR is, I have a video you need to see. This is [a Gulfstream] ... on a visual landing to Aspen, Colorado at night. The right half of the view is the pilot's normal visual path to the runway during darkness - in other words, totally black. The left side of the screen is the Forward Looking Infrared [FLIR], which paints the heat signature of the outside terrain for pilots so we can see at night as though it were daytime. ... You have to love FLIR ... takes all the fun out of night VFR!"

Video of the Week: The Flying Lawnmower (And This Time It’s Not a Figure...

There are two videos we receive (and stumble across) more often than any others on the web. Both videos are testaments to human ingenuity and technical achievement - and they never fail to raise a giggle when we see them. We've held them in reserve for a while, just in case we needed them to brighten a particularly rough Monday morning. (Plus, we were afraid that it we ran these videos, people would stop sending them to us. And that would ruin the pleasant surprise of watching these videos at 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon and laughing our heads off.) But the time has come, at last, to unveil the first of our Two Most-Submitted Videos: the flying lawnmower! (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Reno Balloon Race 2006 (Time-Lapse Video)

Our latest "Video of the Week" is for those of who'd love to attend a hot air balloon race, but just couldn't find the time in 2006. You're in luck, because YouTube user tlapse has put together and incredible time-lapse video of the 2006 Reno Balloon Race launch ceremony - using stills from a Canon digital camera! (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: End of the Line for the C-141

This week's video is an impressive slideshow of C-141s put together by Mike Novack of C-141 Heaven. The video celebrates the careers of 141s and (according to Mike's blog) was put together after last May's retirement ceremony for one of the last flying specimens. (Set to the music of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere.")

Video of the Week: Human ‘Flying Squirrel’

Who hasn't wanted to do this ever since he or she was a kid? Loic Jean Albert lives the dream in this clip from Ultimate Journey, sent to us by AVweb reader Noah Forden. Click through to watch.

Video of the Week: Ultralight Flying over Cambodia with Lee Baer (Kompong Speu International)

Over the last few months, we've seen quite a few amazing videos from AVweb readers - and if we've learned one thing, it's how tough it can be to stage, shoot, and produce your own video. Sometimes you'll see something from the air that's incredible - but capturing that in a video can be tough. Ultralight pilot Lee Baer seems to have mastered the art is our latest "Video of the Week" clip. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Whidbey Island Mooney Approach

Don't try this one at home kids - midfield landing on a short strip in a Mooney, with no "out" due to the pilot's long landing and tall trees all around the airport. It's too bad we don't have Smell-O-Vision yet, because you'd actually be able to smell the rubber burn when he locks the brakes to avoid a runway overrun.

Video of the Week: Barb MacLeod & Max Bell’s 52-1/2-Turn Aerobatic Spin

In the wake of aviation instructor and spin king William Kershner's passing, we thought this would be a good time to share a video AVweb editor Jen Whitley had on hand from a few years ago. In this incredible clip, aerobatics pros Barb MacLeod and Max Bell perform a 52-and-a-half-turn spin in Austin, Texas during the winter of 1994. Click through to watch the video and be amazed.

Video of the Week: Crosswind Aircraft Testing

Welcome back to the working week! AVweb's "Video of the Week" is here to ease the transition, with a little help from YouTube user Whatmap and his/her video clip, "Crosswind Aircraft Testing." (Click through to view.)

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